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Friday, August 26, 2016

Cleaning up the Studio

It's not Spring yet, but I've made a decision to do a BIG Tidy Up in my studio ...

Each day I'll post the paperpacks that I've got listed in Zibbet and Etsy stores...  They're papers that I would use for collages, journals, cards, art, making notecards, smashbooks!  Unlimited fun ...

so here's my set no.1.  Theme - Food/Kitchen

Each set will be different and have a different theme ... stay tuned !!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sciolto - A beautifully curated music exhibition in Townsville at the Drill Hall Studio

Currently showing in Townsville, North Queensland is a wonderful exhibition called "Sciolto"  which means 'free, unrestrained' in Italian ...

I was thrilled to be asked to contribute some work to it so grabbed the opportunity to be associated with all these amazing artists ... and after a few mini dramas with our road being cut off (due to recent rain) - I finally got my mixed media piece to Townsville for framing (thank you Top Frames) in time for the opening !

"il violista"   {the violin player}    Framed and  for sale - enquiries to Drill Hall Studio or deborah@rgkeats.com


find more info here

Just some of the wonderful work available for sale ...
For all enquiries, please contact the Drill Hall Studio or email me at deborah@rgkeats.com

... my mosaic piano ~ " giardino pianoforte"  {garden piano}

~  bella ~

Monday, May 23, 2016

Rainy post

We had some rain here today so for fun I thought I'd share some cool 'rain' themed items from Zibbet and Etsy ...


find me

find me
find me
find me
wool clogs to wear while you read on a rainy day !

~  happy MonDaY ~

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Finding Vivian Maier ...

I'm back from my long drought of 'non-blogging'  ...  Inspiration can come from many places I'm learning and on Sunday afternoon while channel surfing, I found an incredible programme about a woman called Vivian Maier.

Vivian Maier - self portrait

Have you heard of her?  Well, I hadn't.  She was actually working as a nanny and housekeeper for about 40 years in the Chicago area but from her work was also clearly an amazing street photographer.  Even more amazing in the documentary is that a lot of the families she worked for didn't even know she took photos!

She never printed or showed her photographs to anyone ...   I don't know much about photography,  but I can see the strength in her work - so raw, capturing the essence of the people or subject.  I can't believe you could spend a lifetime taking so many fabulous photographs and then just keep them to yourself.  What's even more bizarre is that she would have never been discovered if it wasn't for one particular collector who purchased her negatives and has brought her life and work into the public arena.

Her negatives were purchased by a few collectors but things really got interesting when collector John Maloof, put some of her negatives on his blog and also on flickr ... they went viral!  He realised he had something really special and held an exhibition of her work in Chicago which was the most well received exhibition by any artist  in the history of the gallery's exhibitions.

It is a truly amazing story which I feel must be credited entirely to the relentless work and determination by John Maloof.  Without his dedication to reconstructing this woman's life and work, we would never know of her amazing talent.

There's a lot of websites you can read to learn more about her story ... here's just one of them...
Finding Vivian Maier

Enjoy and be inspired ~

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mosaic Skull - Vintage Garden - The Elegant Skull

... And here is skull number 2 ... 'Vintage Garden'  ...

... slightly enhanced with filters ... for some more wow factor ♥

I'm happy to say it will also be included in an exhibition in Townsville at the Drill Hall Studio.  The exhibition - named "La Calavera Cantina"  ... {The Elegant Skull}  will be showcasing many real, highly embellished skulls which were completed by various artists in a workshop held in Ravenswood (north Queensland) by Sandy Nielsen in 2015.

now SOLD

The exhibition of skulls will be accompanied by a  series of photographs showing the devastation on the land caused by drought.

I was thrilled that Sue Tilley (owner of The Drill Hall Studio) invited me to show my skulls, and with limited time, mine are both done on purchased, resin skulls...

I had to smile when Sue commented ... "Interesting that a graziers wife ... in the middle of a raging drought ... is buying a skull" ...  hmmm  yes, totally ironic...  {Timespan to get a real skull ready for decoration is about 3 years, so I was a bit time poor}

Out of the devastation of drought, I find myself (as well as the  other artists) creating something beautiful  ... well, we think so anyway!



My first skull 'Claudia' .. is sold ♥

detail 'Claudia'

Claudia was named after my first poddy calf (calf who's mother has died).  Claudia was hand raised by me and ironically we lost her in 2009 in the floods we had out here ...  

Note:  We live in a land of extremes in Australia ... droughts, floods, cyclones ... we know that as farmers and that's what we deal with - but doesn't make life any easier when these natural disasters occur. To simplify things, (excluding other factors like including political hurdles, freight charges, and various other factors we deal with),  graziers manage by de-stocking and selling when the weather doesn't always do what we'd like...

The support farmers and graziers are getting from the public awareness campaigns in the media and with exhibitions such as this one is truly wonderful ... we'd love to see more people feeling a connect with the Australian bush again.

~ Respect the Farmers ~

 ... My Vintage Garden Skull has also now been sold ♥  and I hear the exhibition was a great success...  thank you Sue.

to see the article by the ABC more of the spectacular skulls in the La Calavera Catrina Exhibition click here 
Sue Tilley (gallery owner) and Sandra Nielsen at the opening of La Calavera Catrina
'Le Jardin' by Sandy Nielsen. Hand dyed and embroidered textiles on a genuine skull. Just exquisite - part of our new exhibition 'La Calavera Catrina' - still available

contact details here 

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